Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Freya's ob and our goals to 2015

It has a long time since I have done really a obedience training session. New ob rules will come on 1.8.2015. Lots new things to learn but I have had a thought of taking Freya high level with the old rules. We will see how this goes. We would now have 8 months to do it. This means I really need start training on more than couple times a month. It's going to be a hard task for me to keep myself motivated.

So of we went to training ob. We started with attitude work. I hope built up better attitude for Freya than Pixie has for ob. Freya is a little serious to train with. When she starts to work, she is very focused and wants to do every right. I have tried to make her crazy while we work. It has been a little challenging when you have a dog that really thinks what it is doing. I have learned that good ob dog is a little stupid and has not that nerves to get that crazy speed all over again to the same task. I will have a huge challenge to make my little genius fly true every task all over again. I will really do my best to keep training really chancing and motivating for her.

Pixie has been on brake from all the training for 3 weeks and she will continue her brake for few more weeks. Our year ended really sad. Yet again we got a first reserve place this time on EO-team. I can only say that I'm super mad. Pixie is a super dog and yet again I couldn't make her run as super as she should have to get to the EO-team. She is one of the fastest dog Finland but we have had a bad habit of making one mistake runs. First we had a running A-frame problem and then one bar faults (my mistake most of the time). I can only feel shame not to make her shine as she should. Pixie is one of a kind, simply a super star from the first day she was born. I hope that we can get a reserve place to EO. She deserve show her talent in bigger arenas.

Only good thing out of misery was that I got huge motivation to make us better. Pixie will be built again to whole shine after her brake and I have goal to lose weight 15 kg. Learn again to run fast and be better at my foot work. Also my hunger for winning has only gone bigger. Only winning counts if we take a second place we could have done something better. Pixie isn't going to become any younger. It's time to make myself as perfect as possible. She wont lose another run because of me. She will fly and she take what is her to get.

That my thoughts for the year 2015. It will be full of work - blood, sweat and tears. But hell  we are going to do everything what is takes to chase our dream!

Happy new year 2015 to everyone!!!!!!

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