Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obedience update

Obedience training with Freya

Freya and I missed the National Team championships because she started finally her first heat. Since then we have been working on all ob tasks coming ahead in a higher classes. My goal has been to work little part at the time and make them as good as possible. I have also tried to work with her in different places to make variation skills better. Still lot of work to do but she is ready start competing with the new rules in August.

Distance Control

One big project has been distance control. I have done series of training in pair of two changes (sit-stand, stand-laying down, laying down –sit).  I have done this to keep the technique in super shape. Now I have started to take distance more and more. It comes slowly together but I like the quality of her work. I hope to build up her confidence and speed in small pieces. We will see how this goes. Freya is much faster than Pixie but her staying in one place is the hardest part.


Square has had it challenges. At this point I have been able to make her find a right place and run in to the square from various distances. Her stop has been little too slow. This we have worked with Tarja’s constructions where I send Freya to a target mat and stop her before she reaches it. This has made her stops faster and she turns right away towards me. We still need some repeats to get this super stop integrate to the square task.  After we have succeeded in this we have nice and fast square.


Sit-Down-Stand in movement has becoming nicely together. I have shaped each movement separately in different positions around me. Then I have done them during heal work. Freya handles now all three of the positions but we need to work more in different places and I have to start training her between mark cones as you have to do in Z-walk. Freya has pretty nice speed to reach to cues and she holds the positions nicely when I walk behind her. I need to change her focus more to the front so that her position looks more steady and firm. So some work with front reward and that should be fixed. I don’t want her to turn her head when I go behind her.

All together Freya has been super to work with. She is very focused, high driven and very fast learner. What more can you ask from a ob dog? She has so good working attitude that she makes me work better and she makes me smile every time and Freya smiles all the time. I think we will have a super obedience carrier and lots of wild memories.  Just love this little girl <3 <3 <3 <3

For next time I try to make videos of all our work..


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