Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pixies' dog dancing depyt

Dog dancing - finally we entered a competition. This has been a dream for a while. Pixie has done lots of tricks for her whole life. Finally I had time to train and take part in dog dancing. We really started training for this routine about three months ago and made it to its final from 1 month before the trial. We had also heat during this time so we couldn't train our routine in arena or with music. So I did lots of work by training the routine by myself and Pixie did little part on our living room mat.

Last Saturday we finally hit the ring. I had never been to a dog dancing competition so all was new to me. Competition started with 10 minute time to get to know to ring. You were aloud to bring your dog with you. So we did some distraction clicker training for few minutes and then I took my headphones and walked the through the routine without my dog. After this it was waiting for your turn. To my surprise it took some time to write the commentary after each performance. So you had a lot of time between each performance. We did few tricks as warm up routine and then we went to wait our turn to waiting area. It was really scary to walk in the ring for the first time. I just knew, I had to just start doing our routine see how it goes. We did few mistakes but in the end our team work looked good and total performance was fluent. End result 177/ 200 point and winning of the beginner class!!! This was more than amazing start in this new sport. Now we just need to work on new routines and head for the next class.

Here is the video of our routine in the competition:

That's all for know!!!


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