Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fast and funny times

It has been really nice week behind. On Sunday 21.10.2012 we went to Vantaa to agility competition. Pixie took nice win with fastest time of all. We are finally starting to get things together. Here's video from the winnning run and also some pics from jumping course:

I was pretty high from this run and win. But still some work to do so we went to Turku to Kelpokoira to get some training. On Wednesday in Jaakkos training we made some job with our early take off problems. I know have let Pixie start early. Well there's only just answer- WORK! So since then we have practice some nice and control start line work.

Also we have been really missing rear cross training. Pixie is can be really forceful when she runs on the courses. Rear cross has been my scary point. In A1 and A2 classes she used to just fly away when I handled her from behind. Yet again.... We must work on rear crosses  Pixie is technically really good at them. We just need get the control after rear crosses.

On Thursday we work with Janita. Pixie was really cool and work really well. I, on the other hand, was again like scarecrow in the wind. When I get too exited I easily make more movement with hand to anyone dizzy. I can only thank my wonder dogs to keep up with that. :D We also made test to Pixie does she jump par or wings. On first try she flied from 4 m to only par on the line and crashed. On second run she waited to get to the par and cleared it. Nice learning curve from Pixie!

We got yet again lots of homework. I need to improve course reading skills and line handling. Pixie is starting to be pretty good in basic skills. Also I need to really learn to use human arrow in new situation to make our turns even better. I can only say that I love this sports even more everyday. There is so much learn and understand but the feeling when you get something is just overwhelming.

On Saturday 27.10.2012 Pixie entered to her first competition in Winner Class in Obedience. We had almost week brake from OB training because of agility training. Pixie had really good in training and I had no doubt that she couldn't do it. Everything went just fine..... Until Pixie change handlers in call out and  "square". It was too much points to lose to get 1 price. All together Pixie did really good job and I have entered her to new competition. Video from the OB competition:

That all for now....

Marianne, Pixie and Louise

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