Saturday, October 20, 2012

New start, new blog

Our old blog didn't really work for months, so I planned to change it to new server. Also I'm planing to start writing in English to keep my languages skills but also make more intresting to read to all.

So lot has happend during the summer of 2012. Pixie was attacked by another dog on our walk in a forest. She had 3 month brake from training and competition. Right now she's starting to be pretty much like she used to be. Totally it has taken over 6 months to recover.

Louise competied third time Finnish Champion Ships. On friday she took 14./100 (something), which was pretty cool!!! In championship courses my handling broke on two front crosses.... So we didn't get in the finals. In Finnish National Team qualification Louise made two suberb runs but got 1 fault from each round. I was very pleased to her work. Here's video of her in Natiotal Team QF:

Pixie has been back in competitions since July. She has got nice run and Agility- and Jumping-sert. She almost all of qualification result to next years Champions Ships. Here video from our last competition from Helsinki ( I need work with my handling):

In obedience Pixie has training for winner class. She has been just a perfect girl! She will be competing in winner class in a few weeks... I even trying to national team.... But yes it's too early.... Maybe next year.

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