Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Click for silence

My Spanish Water dog barks a lot when we do agility and I mean between the exercises. So I tried to make her silent between the cues and make her listen better. I just started marking every time she was quiet and I didn't give her any cues if she barked. It just worked like wonder! Louise became more focused and listened even better my cues which didn't drowned under her barking. We were both much happier and relaxed.

Next barking problem, that we will attack, is barking while I'm training Pixie. For that I probably will need some assistant to click the right periods. I have just learned so much more after my readings about clicker training. I have just been absolutely blown away by all the scientific work done behind it. Especially about the things that happens in brain. Clicker is to powerful and I hope to try it soon training humans in agility.

TAGteaching is very interesting area of training and have made some plans to try it in agility training. I spend last night planing first some tag points that I should work more on tracks and other tag point ideas evolved from there. Hopefully I will get change to try my new learned skills in reality.

I can't wait to get this all together!!! So just brief note what I have done in these few days.

So excited!!!

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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