Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm living my dream!!

Thank you Jaakko so much of telling me to enter Louise to Finlands National Championships!! Louise was amazing!! My dear Louise just flied and showed what she made of. Final result 22. /221.!! Not bad for mini maxi. Amazing weekend!!!! Here are few runs from that weekend:

To this all Pixie just flied yesterday!!! She has been recovering from all the treatments and we had this one competition time to make our double zero to our ticket to National Team Trials... And hell WE DID IT!!!!!!!! Thanks again Jaakko! So much work has been done in my mind and our brake came on perfect time. We have starting look like agility team. I could have just cried of happiness after these two runs:

Other work I have been doing is studying more about clicker training. I bought new books of Karen Pryor. Reaching the Animal Mind has been amazing. I understand my clicker training even deeper and done some changes to improve my skills. Hope to some day keep a course about clicker training. I hope to also find a horse that I could do some training. It's been amazing to read about dolphin and other training event happen in Karens life. It just makes want learn even more. Hopefully I will have money to go Clicker Expo some
day. I will write more about our clicker training when I have more time.

That's for now
Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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