Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trouble shooting

Running A-frame training has gone ok. Pixiw is getting it together. I went back to using box. She has done wonderfull with that. I have clicked back feet hitting in the middle of the box. Still lots of work but I have done 5 repeats everyday. Hopefully it will start paying of.

We had also Jaakkos training. Lots of homework with tunnel brake. Pixie just flies straight from tunnel even though I learned to stop during her entering into the tunnel. So work for both of us. I must also learn to be more creative during course walk. Pixie has talents that I could better for my benifit. So new choices must be found to learn to better team.

Today we had our 4th Ob4. That didn't go too well. Competition was in a big arena with mutiple rounds going on at the same time. Pixie was nervous and didn't concentrate very well. We had some nice parts but our heal work was just terrible. Yet again we have to be humble and go back to training.

That's all for now..

Marianne and Pixie

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