Monday, October 28, 2013

FI TVA, FI H-AVA, FI AVA Tronic Pandora

Jihaa!!! Pixie got her titles together!! She is champion in agility and ob!!! What a nice feeling! Pixie is my first dog that has got three champion titles. It has taken lots of work to get here but this is little milestone. Now we have to fix few things in agility to be able to start competing in National Champion level. Our dream is to became international agility team. Still some work to do but we are on the right path. Here is some videos from our latest competitions:

In training we have huge problem.. Our contacts. On dogwalk Pixie won't wait verbal command and running A-frame has broken down totally. So I know what we have to work on in our next training session. I have to start being more consistent with my rewards on the A-frame and start doing more harder stays on the contact zone of the dogwalk. It's really a basic stuff. I just wonder when I will learn to be totally black and white with my training and my work in the competitions. Can you be always always perfect? I have just too busy thoughts in my mind on a course that is hard to concentrate on a problem part. So lots work for Pixie and a lot more for my mind yet again. :D

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