Sunday, June 8, 2014

Long time since last update....

I have been so lazy lately to update my blog. Pixie and Freya have done lots of things. I have also learned to be a better in a chicken-dog course. The course thought me to be faster and plan better my training and I really learned how to use better basic clicker training trick like nose touch. This course really opened my eyes how to you can  really affect dogs  mind and work ability with simple exercises. Both Pixie and Freya did super with distraction training in the course. I also really liked a lot working with chickens. I would recommend this course to everyone that wants become better trainer. Thank you a lot Trainer's Choice!!!

In agility Pixie and I have finally started to get our things together. I have started to trust her in every situation and I see the ghost dog while I walk the course. I have done a lot also mental work. This road is never ending but o boy it feels like a million dollars when it all comes together.

Freya has done work in agility and obedience. In both she has done well. In ob we have started box training, healing and other stuff. Freya is really super fast so it has been challenging to treat in the right moment. I just have to get better. In agility Freya has running to toys between wings and tunnel. Few days ago we also did some see-saw hitting and 2on2off position.

Freya went to also a jumping class with Vappu Alatalo. This a little shock trip for me. I have noticed that she is little clumsy in the forest and she don't jump very smoothly. Pixie has been natural born jumper from day 1 so it has been little worrying to notice that Freya doesn't have good natural jump. Our training proved my fear. Freya couldn't get the basic jumping sequence right at all. Her jump was stiff and she couldn't find any rhythm. I just hope she will get much much better. Agility is a jumping sport and if the basic brick isn't alright it will not be a the dog sport for her. Here is best part from her jumping training:

Here is also video of heal work training from today. Freya is good but I way too slow to catch the right moments to reward. Her attitude is really nice.

That's for now... We getting ready for National Championships and National team tryouts.... It's going to be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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