Friday, June 20, 2014

National Championships 2014

It our first in a Finnish Nationals. Pixie was really good but our road came to end on weave entry. In the end I was really pleased with our work during to whole weekend. Pixie did super on all the critical obstacles and she jumped super!!! This weekend I saw us as a team. Pixie had found her fighting spirit and you could see that in all her jumps. She did superb. I have to focus a little better to my work and really live in every moment. We are so ready for National team tryouts.

Freya has been doing ob. We have had a retrieve project. I have worked on her lifting off  the dumbbell, holding off the dumbbell and running with the dumbbell in a separated parts. Yesterday Freya really got the idea of holding the dumbbell. I think we starting to be closer and closer to get it all together. I have tried to make all the parts as good as possible before I will put them all together. Time will tell how I will do... :D

Freya also visited osteopath Leena Piira for a first time. Freya has still a signs from injury from puppyhood. She was very round when she came home and she was fixed by Tanja. Her thoracic vertebrae was curvy and made her round shaped. She was fine after Tanja treated her few time but sadly she has still signs of the same injury. It had come from hit to body sometime during her puppy hood. Now we need to keep doing some exercises to make her better and that she grows without pain. Freya was pretty normal herding dog structure which means partly that she doesn't have very well angulated legs. Time will how she will grow but at this point we lots of different exercise we need to do make her stronger and that she will have better control of her body. So no jumping for some while........

That's just quick note from our doings. Happy Midsummer to you all!!!!!!


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