Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Agility update and summer feeling

Pixie has been so cool in agility. I have been inspired by the videos from European Open. I noticed the speed and freedom of movement in during the courses. Especially Jenny Damn and Lilly video really impressed me. I could see that I have a brake on all the time in agility. So got really a boost to change a bit of our way of working. We have been training ever since more faster ways move on the course. I have bed habit of staying and waiting Pixie and also to try to make her slow down all the time. I have know tried to make our work faster and more fluent. So far so good!!! I so hope we get to experience one day WC or EO. Pixie is a dog that has all that it takes to be successful in those competitions. We just need to take our work a little bit father again.

I can only just say that our training has really change since these feelings from the videos. I have found the fire to do agility again. Pixie has also grown a lot in a year. As team we have had our very downs and we have had to rise and fight again. But I can see know our goal and route how to get there. I think there still be up and downs but Pixie deserves to get a ticket to conquer the world.

We have a dream. We have a destination, We have a goal. We are ready for the journey.

Freya has been working on jumping technique. She has improved millions miles! She has done basic work out and the rising series. She has been super! Her back legs are starting to work. Still not perfect and still we need physiotherapy but we are getting on a right directions. She has also started to work on the running dog walk. I have just tough her run over a plank. First she just run pass it but soon she got the idea. We will how this project will go on. Start was ok.

We also spend 3 day at my parents summer cottage. Three days of full of swimming and running. Here are some feeling from our little holiday:

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