Monday, July 28, 2014

More Sheep herding and ob

Sheep herding

I have to start with our sheep herding. Freya went to second training last weekend. First we did some basic moving of sheep. Freya started to have nice tiptoe movement and waited the sheep to move. We started to name her movement straight to sheep to "walk on". I have decided to use English as my cue language. Freya also did some work off leash of finding of flight distance of sheep. She worked really well and Freya has been very light to control. This sport is really taking me to a new place and really like it.


Freya has been working on her basics. We started to work on stand and laying down during heal work. I first have started to make stand and laying down separately around me. Now we work on these position while I walk. Next stage is to bring them to real heal work. I haven't still been happy with her stopping speed so we a big project on that.

Also I have started to do staying in a group. This has been a little challenge for us. I think one of the reasons is that Freya thinks she need to offer some thing new while I just stand and wait. So we need to built this behavior from very little pieces so it will calm and stands distractions.

I think our best ob moment so far was training at my friends training field. When we were training two boys came to play soccer at the same field. Freya worked super! She didn't pay any notice to the boys and even work on when they kicked a ball next to us. I can just say- super puppy!!!

Pixie and I have been working on our team spirit. I have done very short training and praising her all the time. My goal is to make us work better together and with higher drive. Our 30 sec training has already done miracles. Pixie still works like charm in the more difficult task. I hope that soon we make everything together and make us work us team even better. Short training has really give us both more energy and the precision has improved a lot. Will I compete in Ob... I don't know, but I see as project to improve my skills as a trainer and improve our team work.

Next time some our agility work!


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