Friday, March 6, 2015

Clicker Expo Europe 2015 here we come!!

I finally had the courage to enter myself to Clicker Expo Europe. This is an expensive investment but this gives change to learn from the best and meet new people. I have been dreamed of going to this event but never had the money but this time I just decided that I will just enter and save money for it. I hope that this would start a every year tradition. I hope to get also new tools to train my dogs and if I have to courage to start teaching as side job. This has been a little dream but I still think I don't know enough.

This week I have had a vacation. So lots of lazy time and some training. Freya did some nice ob in a new arena and with new dogs. Still some work to do before we are ready for our first ob competition. I have already entered her to a competition but her first heat hasn't started yet. So we will see do go to this competition. Freya has been working super in obedience. She learns super fast and she gets new task as whole chain really quickly. I have very high hope to her ob carrier.

It has been really nice to have time to take long walks and rest. This has been a nice week for all of us. We have taken many pack sleeps ( all dogs around me) and played silly games. Just lots of relaxing and doing things we don't have a proper time. Louise has had a bad fake pregnancy. She has been super mellow. I hope her hormones are soon gone and get my crazy perro back.

I also got to meet Vinka and Punssi's new pups. We took them to a puppy test and vet on Monday. They were really balanced and strong puppies. Especially Eino took my heart. He was really strong and brave. I think we will here from all them. It was nice to see puppies again. There is just so much you can learn from them. It is interesting to see what kind of adults they will be. Starting looks super! We will see how environment changes them. I have been writing a paper of epigenetics and behavior. This has been a hot topic in the last few years. Life can change our genetic outcome with epigenetic changes so that big stress effect can be inherited from parents. This has been given a totally new way to look at breeding choices. But more later on...

That's all for know!!!

Beautiful Spring to Everyone!

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