Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Obedience debut coming closer and closer

Freya heat is still not here so it looks like we are going to our first OB trial next week. Time just flied. We have been training our basic ob skills for last few weeks. Most inside in our living room- I have been sick again. Freya has been working really well and her attitude is just perfect. Our hardest task has been laying from healing. Sit and stand is much easier for her than laying down. It a bit odd problem for a bordercollie. Oh well something need to be challenging. Here are some video of our work:

Pixie has done some dog dancing work instead of ob. She has sometimes problems in concentration. Pixie might start doing multiple tricks and don't listen to my commands. So we have a big stimulus control problem. Although I do change our chain of tricks all the time. We have work on the control more to be able built a routine. I don't know will I have courage to enter her to a dog dancing competition in the future. I think it would be fun but I'm not a very skillful choreographer. Anyway here are some our trick we have been working on:

That's all for now!! Just a quick note.. I hope to have some agility update soon... I hope to get in running condition soon.


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