Saturday, May 9, 2015

A new way see training process

It' been a long time since last update. My perfect Pixie turned 5 years-old. Time has really flied fast. I can remember my black little lighting as puppy. Pixie always ran fast and slept a lot. She also destroyed my house but I love her so much. She has been a super dog that has taken me totally new level in many sports. Pixie has been the dog that stole my heart and soul. I hope to have many many ahead of us. My dear diamond <3

 Pixie 7 weeks and Pixie as an adult.

Training thinking evolves again

I was got a light bulb moment when I read an article in the Dressage magazine written by Eliza Romm. This as article was written from a dressage point of view but this could written also from an agility view. When you read the article you really find yourself in all the stages of incompetence and competence. The key in to really brake the training a part and find the answer to reach the level of unconscious competence. Super trainer can help to reach the level and also help you to see what skills need developing. In agility I find myself finding new skills that I have reached the conscious incompetence which means I have seen a fault in my work and I need to find help to reach the next level.

For example I didn't really realize that Freya didn't really know how to jump a jump in a side way position ( unconscious incompetence) until my coach pointed her fault to my. Freya did high jumps and bunny jumps to a side way jump (slalom jump). I had hard time doing pulls and pushes in slalom jump setup. Her jumping skills was to key to the whole problem. At this point I have started to work with her on her jumping skills (conscious incompetence). Today we reached a level of conscious competence. Freya had started to make good jumps an side way jump. Now we just have to master our new skill to level that she can do everywhere at anytime. Work, work, work but I have learned a new way to see things in training. :D

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”– Vince Lombardi

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