Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nosework training

Basics under control

Mesoft (soft bandage)- target smell "carrier"
It has been so much fun to work on our Nose Work skills. I have know all the scents you need teach your dog but we are still working on our first one which eucalyptus. I first started to introduce the scent with a scent discrimination line. I gave the dog starting smell and I teach them to find a pair to it. First I just clicked when they hit the right jar to built a connection with the target scent and reward.

Next stage was to teach them to mark a finding. I choose laying down as marker position. This was made stronger with a one jar and target smell. I waited a laying down response to a target smell and rewarded. I also gave a little help cue to the dog as soon as it has found the right smell from the line of jars. This has been an ongoing work every time we have done work in a new environments.

New places and box search 

We have done some scent work in our backyard. I have used a matchbox or a plastic container to hold the target smell. I have hidden the target on a ground inside a bush, inside a fence gate and in different high places. It has seem to be easier for them to work outside. All my girls have been super fast when they work outside. Next I have take this search work to unfamiliar place. I think they will just love it!

Box search was harder for them at first. I did too hard exercise in which I used straight away boxes that where totally closed. I needed to take step back to make it work again. I did a training session where I had open boxes and a target smell in little box which had some treats over it. I did this few time and then I left the treats off and gave treats from detection. After this I did first closed boxed exercise. Freya was just perfect!! She just dropped to the ground as soon as she smelled to the target scent. Pixie and Louise took their time but in the end they did ok. 

Now we just need work with boxes and containers made from different materials. Also we need start using distractions smells and objects. I have used  already food as distraction. in the scent discrimination line. Different places will be also on our training plan. This sports has no limits and it is really fun even though the basic idea is really simple. Dogs have fun and it pretty simple to set up. I can't wait to able to test my dogs skills in real trial!! :D

That's all for now!!!


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