Saturday, December 19, 2015

Agility year coming to the end


Freya had now her second competition in A3. I had a goal to just get her some experience and take notes what we need to train. Our first run was pretty chaotic but we had some good bits. On the second run everything clicked and she did super clean run. Freya also win the competition and got her first Cert for Agility Champion title. We had really a moment when we worked together as we do in training. On the last two runs we had few hard parts and some problems with jumping. So lots of homework to do with Freya. On total I was very pleased with her work and how she did the contacts etc. We will have nice base work to build on her skills to higher level.

Here is her winning run from TSAU:

Jumping skills has been something I have always been interested. Freya has had some problems with jumping every now and then. Especially going over diagonal jump has been her problem area. I have already made some work with the 8 figure training. This has helped her to learn the right take off position. We have still problems when you have more than one diagonal jump in a row. In this she has sometimes problems to make the right lead change in her canter. This problem I have work with a tight slalom training I learned from Linda Mecklenburg. Freya has become better and in fast lead changes and she has done the exercise in 40 cm height. I started with very low bars just to make her used to the exercise and give time to find the right settings from her body. She improved a lot but she has still some side differences so I will continue this work. I bought a book of Susan Salo from the Clicker Expo. It has a lot of good exercises and my goal in 2016 is to keep one jumping skills training each week to improve Pixie and Freya’s jumping. We will see what kind of results we will get.


Oh boy we have had a hard year. First we started with training our start line stays then we worked half year with contacts. Our National Team tryout went down with one jumped A-frame contact again. European Open we had the first reserve place and I got to know that we got spot too late. I had already had to cancel our hotel room and car. So no EO for us. It had been totally shitty year with lots of training in competition and not really enjoying competing at all. Finally our work has starting to pay of and we did two clear rounds in our last competition. It felt like doing agility with Pixie. This feeling had been lost almost for half year. It has been one the hardest year in agility. I hope our work will pay off and we will have super year 2016. 

Here is video from our last competition:

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2016 for everyone!!!!!

Marianne, Pixie and Freya

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