Monday, December 14, 2015

It all about dancing :D

Dog Dancing

I have watched for years beautiful dog dancing videos from YouTube. As a hobby I have trained some of tricks I have seen with Pixie and Freya. After Clicker Expo I got my last kick to start training for it. Michele Pouliot lecture had the coolest videos of dog dancing and I got million ideas of different tricks to train. Now I had a goal to really use my passion to train dogs’ new things because in freestyle everything is possible. I wanted learn more about the sport and I entered myself to Michele Pouliot online class on Freestyle. I also drove to Ylöjärvi to learn more about rules of dog dancing in Finland. At this point my basic knowledge is growing more and more. Still lot to learn to even enter a first competition but I’m at a right path.

On our Independence Day I traveled to Helsinki Winner Show to see Nordic Championships in dog dancing. I wanted to what kind routines people had built and get new ideas for our routines. I saw absolutely amazing performances. Pair work really good together and their routines were nicely built. I also had a little wakening the heal work to music could be fun too. This is all thanks to Nordic Champion pair Sidsel Rychter Lauridsen and German Panda. Their performance just hit me to my heart and hard. It was fast and it had a good story. After this performance I told my friend this could be Freyas’ sport because she love to do heal work and she has super attitude doing it. Freestyle winner Smedberg Jonna and bordercollie Lizzroys Zoya also had wonderful and sporty performance which I really liked and had a vision that our might someday look like that with Pixie. Totally it was wonderful day and I almost cried because the performances touched me so much. I think I found something that really have waken big motion inside me.

Dog dancing work with Pixie

I have started built up our routine around song Bum bum bum by Jari Sillanpää. I had the feeling it had a nice beat and it had a love story in it. I had right away some ideas what could be filled in the routine. Now I have done work with separated tricks and also some back chaining them together. It has been so much and I have taught lots of new trick to Pixie and I have started few hard ones for the future. I have done lots of work also to clean my training to get more and more accurate performances to cues. I have started make more clear to Pixie what I want her to do on each cue. When I have trained tricks as hobby thing I haven’t been totally specific what I want her to do. Our work has payed of and Pixies’ performance has improved a lot. Working with these dog dancing tricks has been super cool!!! We will see how our first performance will go but I’m really looking forward to it.

Here are some trick we will using to our routine:

Still lot to do and new ideas to work on. Half of trick are not video yet. I hope to film them soon to everybody to see.

That's all for now!! Next time agility update.


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