Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trip to Dania Cup and Sweden - part 1

Tomorrow we will take a ferry Silja Galaxy from Turku to Stocholm Sweden. This trip take us about 11 hours so it will pretty ok for the dogs. The ferry has a little sandbox for dogs but usually dogs don't do they stuff in them. I will take dogs for a long walk in the morning so they will as comfortable as possible during the cruise over the sea. We will have a own cabin during the trip so it should nice from them to just sleep and relax.

Before you can take your dog out of the country you must have few things in order. One is that your dog must have a pet passport and it must have an identification tattoo or microchip and
all vaccination must be in order. Pet passport, ID-chips and vaccinations you can get from your local vet but be prepare that vaccination have security time from two weeks and up before they are effective.

IMPORTANT! Also it good have a worming tablets with you because when you come back to Finland you must have a Echinococcus treatment before coming back. Echinoscoccus is zoonosis that can cause severe infection in humans. At the moment Finland is Echinococcus free and with worming our dogs we can prevent it to coming to the country. Echinococcus can contaminate our blue berries and other forest berries when a dog carrier this worm make feaces to the forest ground. Now we eat blue berries from straight from the forest but if this worm comes every must be boil before eating. So as dog owner you have a BIG responsibility!

So tomorrow girls will start they first trip to abroad!!! I can't wait see fly on the grass fields of Dania Cup!!!

See you soon! I'm going to update the blog on the way to Denmark. We will visit few places in Sweden before landing to Denmark.


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