Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Januari 2013

So it's been a month since last writing. Lots of thing has happen in January. Pixie and I have been going trough some major work with our agility. In competition we have had some bad days, but we have been working to get our things together.

In January we went to Next Level training in Kelpokoira. In total Pixie ran super fast and I didn't have any control over her doings. So we got lot of homework. I needed to calm down, Pixie needed take more notice of me and we needed to even more specific that everything happened under my control. So we have been working with these issues for a month and we are back to track! Here's a Video from last weekend:

Pixie has also work lot of running A-frame. I have needed change the foot work to near to end of the A-frame. We have had problems of Pixie still being little unsure of what do on the contacts zone. The best thing I learned from this work that you should teach running contacts first. So I got something to do with next dog better. But in the end I have got better results. In competition the running A-frame is still little slower than in practice, so more work a head of us!

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