Friday, February 22, 2013

OB training

We went to an ob seminar to Kirkkonummi. Our trainers were from Kennel Tending, Riitta and Juha Korri. I asked helped for Louise for distance control and lying down in recall. Louise has been frozen in distance control in competitions. In training she has done the work pretty well. So we did some exercise that I told with nice voice it wasn't ok to not responde to command. We did this with long distance and one person right next to Louise so she would little disturped. First Louise just froze, but eventually she started to come up on the first command and all this work paid off last weekend and she did the distance control!!!

Pixie also got some training in Kirkkonummi. With her we worked on the herding of the dumbbells. We had first homework from mark work. She had too much going on and mark wasn't strong enough to make her do it before trieving. Pixie first had to brake her ambitition to trieve. It took awhile but in the end we got her stand calm before letting her trieve. This helped lots if the herding of the trieve object. Still lots of work ahead before this move of ob4 is perfect.

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