Saturday, December 29, 2012

OB4 coming together!

New years is getting closer and weather can be very chilly in Finland. So we must train every time it's not too cold. In Mikkeli we don't have warm agility arena. This Friday we head to do some OB. Pixie trained guided retrieve. She done basic work with mark. She has gone round the mark and I have rewarded her, while the dumbbells where on their place.  Then I put her on the marker and send for retrieves to 3 m from maker line. After that I did some with sending to marker. Here is little figure I made how we train. It's made with CLCD3 so jumps are dumbbells and table is marker. 

We also did some heal work with sit, down and standing. Pixie had little lost with standing, but she figure it out after some reminding with clicker work. Mirror was a huge help. With it I can better concentrate on the dogs behavior without looking at it and so on. Pixie did all the moves fast and straight. So that's coming together and so is distance control. We made some from 15 m and it went so well!!!!

Louise did some heal work with sit down and standing. Her problem was speed in standing. Yet again mirror was my best friend! We got some nice repeats with ball reward. Louise also did some distance control. First I really had some trouble to make her start from one command. After few tries Louise made to perfect sets. All together this evening training was just amazing!!

This morning we went to do some agility training and we did some course activity. I had really bad. One of those I shouldn't be training at all. Dogs were just perfect. I lost my temper unnecessary few time ( I have hard time to except failure). I hate to do bad at handling... Dogs were just perfect!! :D So shame on me...
But here's the exercise we did:

Our goal was to train handling after high speed sequence and also do some work with A-frame with Pixie. The surprise was the hard time in long jump. I have tough both dogs do long jump from behind... But I find out that we had new issues to train. Louise had also problem with wave pole entry. We did 10 and 11 to wave pole with rear crosses that might have been little issues for my perro. Pixie had most difficulty with 7-8-9. She kept going to tunnel. I had handle this area pretty " rough" to make Pixie stay in my handling.

In the end both dogs did it pretty well. Pixie also made some nice running A-frames. In the end Louise did nice entries to wave pole and got the idea in the long jump 17-18-19. I had admit that in the end of year my physical training has not that good and it really showed today. I really need to get back to my training program. I can't fail my dogs on agility course.

That's for now...

All the best to you all and happy new year 2013!!!!
Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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