Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting there.... :)

Pixie has been competing few times. In the end February we did two really nice runs with one fault. It gave hope that we would getting clear rounds. Pixie had change her focus more to me and I had started to find inner peace on the tracks. It started to feel like real team work.

In the beginning of March we did it! Nice clear round and a win. First time I felt this was just the beginning  I have started think competition more as way bring all our work together. I have started understand Pixie better and even my own thoughts. Mental work as really helped to find balance in our work. I have known all the time that we have talent in us. This has been first time that have been able see how we can achieve our goal and enjoy even more of the trip to it.

Tears, sweat and blood all that and much more have been needed to learn to be better at agility. But it has been just perfect trip that goes on forever. I needed to go really deep to find my errors in mental training to find the keys to become good handler for my perfect Pixie. We still have lot to do but my diamond is starting to be at her best after the dog attack. Thank you all that have helped us during the hard times. Agility is nothing without the very best friends!
I'm finally also working on our training method page and also on somethings about mental work what I have been working on.

That's for now...

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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