Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Obedience Champion Tronic Pandora

It took only three trials in the highest level Ob and Pixie got three 1st prize results. The champion tittle came together pretty fast. It took only three weekends. Pixie worked really nicely in all the competitions. In the last one we made our best series of points but we failed in scent discrimination. We had to the scent discrimination only a few meters from mark that was used in controlled retrieve. Pixie went a mark objects and was really confused and didn't do the smelling part at all. So we got something new to train. The big question now is that shall we continue our obedience carrier and enter to National Team tryout or just get new hobby???

In agility we had really bad competition. First run went to just running :D. I did some bad handling choices and Pixie just flied. On the second course we did clean run but Pixie was just slow. I don't now was it the surfaces of the arena or something else. Last run was just awful from both of us... So in agility we have to do some serious work. It just gets really frustrating to train and give time and thought still we are doing bad in the competitions. I have just wondered to I think too much or too less? I have done agility for ten years and still I suck at it. I have only one option.. To keep on working. It must work one day.. I hope...

Here's the one run from last weekend:

That's for now!

Marianne, Pixie and Louise

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