Thursday, August 29, 2013

What a feeling!!


She got her second OB4 1st prize!!! One more to go before the champion title. Pixie did nice work at the trial. Laying down was our really low point. Pixie simply just hates it. She was yet again really really relaxed when I came out of the hiding place. We have still more than one issue to work on but I really like her overall work attitude on trials. Here is the video of trial:

I have been working a lot of Pixie attitude in OB. We have done a lot fun and high speed work. Healing between agility obstacles and trees so that she can go around tree or do tunnel etc. in agility. She really likes this game and it has given nice high drive to healing. I have also done some speed work to sit-down-standing  during healing. Pixie has sometimes hard time to stay focused after long healing to react rightly to the commands. So now have made her do sit-down-stand during a long healing and do them also from running and slow walk. She has improved a lot but I have still some work on this area.

Yesterday we had Jaakkos agility training. It has been a long time since our last training session. We went trough things that we have been improving and things I have still work on. After I moved to Turku I have started to my problems and I have been working on each problem at a time. I have never been natural talent in agility. I have always have think a lot and take time to make changes in handling and in my mind. My spring goal has been to learn to keep contact with the dog all the time. I have a bad habit of leaving my dogs running behind me and I'm looking around the course. Louise is slow enough not to react to it but Pixie will take any obstacle on the way that I'm looking. The contact with the dog has improved a lot since spring and I have started keep my hand a bit better in control.

A new goal from yesterday is my feet. I really haven't payed any attention my foot work and what is big part of body that dogs look at??? Do you also see the problem?? :D So hands of from handling and we can start working on my problem. I can tell you Pixie did some really nice work after I started to use my feet right and foot work started to have purpose. Sounds easy but I had to really work on it. I can run pretty fast but my running has been with no real goal. Pixie reacts really nicely to rhythm changes. Inside I have know this but I just haven't been able to make in to our work.

Those things above are just a tiny pit of work we did yesterday. Jaakko has really changed our way of working and my way of thinking. I can just say big big thank you to Jaakko!!!! We are on our way to become real team and showing what we are made of!!!


I have been working with Aqua in a line. I started use clicker to teach him to go out when we do a line work and I clicked also when he changed pace correctly and fast. I also clicked when he moved relaxed and head nicely forward and down. I have never had so good connection with a horse. He had one ear towards me all the time and he really tried to listen. He worked hard even if worked on his worse right lead canter. More I have done clicker training with Aqua more windows have really opened. I also did some stop work. First I stopped while we walked and clicked if stopped too. Soon I gave the stop cue to the reaction and only few tries I could keep on walking and Aqua would stop to stand still. All this was work on a one session. He is so smart boy!!!!!!

That's for now!!

Marianne, Pixie and Louise 

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