Friday, September 6, 2013

Training with Zeljko

After competition weekend we had Zeljko Goran training in Nummela. We had a nice course with lot of handling options. First we made the course best way we thought. After that we talked a lot about our choices and how they affect on the movement of the dog. Then we made the course in pieces and timed different handling options. I really learned again to which choices would be faster to my dog. I really had made a bad and good choices on the course. I also really saw that Pixie doens't no to come to when called. She just start run and run. This is also something we need to work on.

This morning I went do some training and work on our homework from Jaakko and Zeljko. I used gate to stop her from jumping too long after front cross. I wanted click for collect part even tough she stopped before the jump. After that I clicked during the nice curvy jump that was controlled and turning to my front cross side. Pixie did some amazing jumps in both directions and from full speed. I need to do some more before I start get the gate from behind the jump. I use the gate to get better turns and stop her from doing the old way.

So lots of work to do but I really have a nice new goals to work on to make us even better in agility.

That's for now!

Marianne, Pixie and Louise

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