Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Freyas first week in Finland

It's been a busy week with Freya and the girls. Freya has met new people and visited few training events to get the feeling of the areas. She has really brave and open. I have really loved to working with her. She has some differences to my girls. Biggest one is her sensitivity to touch while we play. My big girls love rough playing but Freya need some soft playing. She is getting more and more confident with tug games. I think it is just a matter of time that she will be also rougher tugger. She is brave but more sensitive in a way than my older dogs. Yet again it's import to stop and see the character of the puppy. Training must be fitted to each puppy so that it can built self confidence and braveness in her/his own terms.

Here is our video clips from our first week:

Freya has also started some basic training in OB. I have done some work with Freya with healing. Our first goal is to make healing starting position the most coolest place on earth. She has already started to offer the right place beside my leg but I haven't give it cue yet. I want to make sure Freya can make correctly for awhile. I have done also some contact training in different places. Freya has worked really well even though there have been other dogs training and playing. She can concentrate really really well.

Pixie and I visited a training competition to train our start line stay. I have done the notice that going to the course is the most biggest reward for her. So I have no other choice than go training in a competition situation. I have also made a goal that I just can walk to my position in a course and Pixie has to wait calmly. We had really nice start line stays. She did steal for few times but when it all ended there she seemed to have better idea of the rules of game. I hope to have successful training today also.

Pixie has also done some ob because I entered her again to a competition. She has done really well and my goal has been to work on her attitude. Z-walk has been one the biggest problems. She seem to just stare at cones and thinks it a marker task. I can only blame myself for this. I have been too lazy to put cones to right places while I train the Z-walk. Well little work and  I think we can turn this to better performance. Other wise she has done super! Scent discrimination I have been working on with speed. I think it will be better also after while. I have got really training boost to OB. I hope still will last and I might even enter to Finnish Championships ;D

That's all for now!! :D


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