Saturday, March 29, 2014

Freyas training and Pixies ob

It has been so cool weeks! Freya has grown fast. She has been working on ob work. Heal work has been started a little bit super treats and I have given a cue to heal work starting position. I have managed to make my side Freyas favorite place. I think it a nice start for ob task. ;) She can also concentrate in every situation. She has done ob basics in agility training, in ob competition, in a mall yard and so on. I my goal is to generalize all her learned things to all situations. I only do stuff she knows already. All the new tricks I teach in a quiet place for a few first times. Here is our video of some basic ob things:

I have also started to work on some tricks that improve Freyas body awareness. I begun with backing up. This is the basic move that she need to handle to be able to learn more complex versions. Backing up teaches her to use rear end and this is useful to many other tricks. She has also learned to go around a bucket when she standing on it with her front feet. Yet again more awareness to her back legs. I have also taught her some silly trick like spinning, paw giving and so. These are tricks that teaches her how to work with me and I learn how to work with her. Here a video of some of our work:

Pixie had a ob trial. I liked her attitude a lot in trial but we had a problem with distractions and it didn't look that good overall. I was still pleased with her work. I have decided to change our ob goal working dog trials and we will have goal to enter to a tracking competition in the autumn. Pixie need to change her working style a bit for a working trials and we need to change our recall and retrieve routines because she has to come in front of me first. This will be a fun project and it will give new motivation because we will have lots of new things to learn.

Here is our last ob competition:

This is all for now!!! I will a big agility update soon.


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