Sunday, March 16, 2014

Freyas training is going forward

Freya has really catching up with shaping. We have done about three short sessions a day. We have had a box that she has get into and out. Also we have done some balancing on a uneven box. All these has been done by just waiting her to make her move and make her choices closer to goal. When you are shaping you just need wait to get the right reactions and make into little steps that leads to the ultimate goal. Best part is that when your dog gets the idea it has been imprinted in his mind.

I have also made some work with ob task. Freya has been doing nicely with sit cue. Our new project has been laying down. I used some luring to get her go down but after few times I just started to wait. I also took a criteria of strait position right away. Freya had a style that she kicked her back legs to the side. I wanted get this position error away in few sessions. When she started to offer this behavior when I was standing, I introduced her the down cue. People seems to have a hurry to give specific behaviors a cue. I have learned that to more your make the behavior in different situations before you give it a cue, will give you more stronger reactions to that cue. Other key factor is the timing of the cue. Give the cue when the dog is doing the behavior. After that give the cue when the dog is starting to do it and after a while give it before to test it. Usually at this point the dog will give you the right behavior if you have done everything slow enough.

Freya has also met new puppy and adult friends. She has been really brave and open puppy. Freya loves to play so she gets going with strangers right way. She is really open with people too. Freya has met some kids and adults. I really clad about her behavior. In the other hand she has also some habits we need to work on. One is biting legs. When she really in the high drive more she can charge to legs and bites hard. That is some thing we need little work and also biting when she gets angry while playing. Freya is a little hot girl! Love her for that! I will have some work make her know the rules how work with humans.

Today just puppy writing.. Next time something that have done with my big girls!


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