Saturday, July 12, 2014

OB training boost

Agility seasons biggest competitions are over. As usual I get ob training boost. All my girls have been working to improve their ob. It has been nice to train something else than agility even though we have done that also. This has been time to also really take some extra time for Freya.

Freya has been working on her heal work. We have done simple few steps work in different places. She has done super work. I always super treats when we do heal work. I want to make sure Freya does her heal work in maximum drive. It has been working on really well. My plan is also to make all the basic work ready in different places before we start making duration.

Other thing we have been working on is retrieve. I begun the retrieve with shaping of the griping of the dumbbell. First stage was a nose touch of dumbbell and after that Freya started to open her mouth and lifting the dumbbell. Next stages was her gripping the dumbbell when I was holding it in front of her. At this point I started to say "thank you" as soon as she took a hold of the dumbbell. We did this few sessions. Then I wanted Freya to hold it for few seconds. This point it is important to make successful sessions. After few times she started to notice that she needed to hold the dumbbell until I said thank you. 

So now I had the holding and giving up the dumbbell ready. Next stage was to bring this all to my side as this is the right place where she need to give up the dumbbell. First I just give her dumbbell and as soon as she gripped it I said "than you". This I did few short session. Next I started to hold the dumbbell little bit lower so that Freya needed lift the dumbbell up to be in right position. Did this until the dumbbell was on the floor. Next was to put the dumbbell on the floor so far that she needed to lift of from my side and go and retrieve it and come back. This stage I needed few times wait awhile that she offered the right place but soon she got hang of it.

I have still started every training session with short retrieves so that she remember the right place. At this point I have made few throws. Freya has super but I always make sure she is in the right mood and doing basic training every time makes sure that Freya has the right idea. I have also started to work on the speed with separate exercise. Freya also lost a little bit of tight grip. To that I changed for heavier dumbbell and this has been working. If the problem comes back with lighter dumbbells, I just need to do some holding training again.

Pixie has also worked on hear retrieve. I have done 30 s - 1 min training session of her just lifting up the dumbbell. My hope is make her drive rise from lifting the dumbbell. Pixie has nice retrieve but she has little bit slower return than the retrieve speed to the dumbbell. After lifting training we have done retrieves from short distance so that dumbbell is between Pixie and I. My goal is to train the retrieve chains last part stronger than it is. We will see will this improve her whole chain in the retrieve.

That's a little bit of our ob training! Now we need to get going to herding training... Freya will meet sheep for the second time... I'm so excited!!!


Here is a video of Freyas training 6 months old:

Here is also video of Pixie in national team tryout:

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