Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feeling is getting better.

We have had a long brake from agility competing. We have just trained and try to find our team work. Training hasn't gone well. I have had huge problems to get through a course without mistakes. Pixie has dropped par or two and my handling has been simple horrible. Piece by piece we started to make better and better parts during different courses. Best thing was we started be relaxed again. No hurry, no worries, just time to find ourselves again.

Last weekend we had a competition in Kirkkonummi. First course was super. Pixie only did contact mistake in A-frame but otherwise it was very nice run. Both us were relaxed and I kept in my mind a thought that I was there for Pixie and only for Pixie. This thought really helped me to concentrate to handling and keeping the contact to Pixie. Second run was a little disaster. Pixie did super running A-frame but crashed the jump and we needed to take a little brake. She also dropped also from dogwalk. So we had little cracking in our team work.

The third course was a team jumping course from WC 2014. It was cool to be able to try a course from WC. This was almost perfect run. Few turns went to too long but otherwise we were a team and we had a relaxed feeling. This is how agility should feel. We had so much fun. I so clad we had found our team spirit and right feeling. Just loving agility again.

Freya has been doing herding. We have still a conversation going about does she work for me or have her own fun. She has improved a lot and her herding drive is going higher and higher. Freya is getting better in stops and both of her flanks are opening. She also did her first flank training in a pen. At first she had her weak moment and lost her drive, then she collected her thoughts and she worked really well in tight space. Kaisa a few moments with her and she worked like charm. I have still a lot to learn how to give her commands with my body and voice.

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