Friday, September 5, 2014

Freya update :D

Freya’s herding
We have started to do stop and naming flanks. It has been very hard task for me. She super fast and her herding instinct has grown stronger and stronger which means that it has been harder to put term to her herding work. I have haft to run a lot but in the end it has paid off. Freya has started to be easier and easier to handle and she has starting to also give up on sheep when asked.
Today we worked on our away driving of a herd of sheep. First they ran away one time before we got a right place to balance pull from a big herd. On first try Freya try to make quick on strong rushes but soon she calmed down and started to run the herd in balance.
Our second task was to make a drive in a balanced position. I left Freya on down position and moved behind a herd of sheep. Freya was on a long leash but worked on loose leash the whole time and kept nice balanced place so that the herd didn’t run away. This was first time she worked on really calm and listen what I said. Actually she really sensitive and I had problems to keep myself calm and not give her unwanted commands. Freya also gave up sheep easily and we could walk away with loose leash. Just a super moment! 

Obedience Freya
Freya has been working on positions in healing. I finally found way to make her stop fast. I started to turn right in front of her after a cue. Soon Freya got the idea and started to do fast and accurate stops. I did this for few times every time we trained it and now she stops even if I keep walking on. Time really flies and I had forgotten how I thought this cue to Pixie. Down positions has been improving and it’s almost ready to trials.

We have also improved our healing work by working on in turns. Freya uses her back side really well. Our only problem seems to be that does moves too much and sometimes her bottom is behind my legs. I have just ignored the over turns and we have done it again. She has catch up really fast to hold her right position on my side. I also have made healing work on the right side just make body work both ways and keep her straight.
Freya's retrieve has also improved. I still work on our lift and return from short distance but I have also started to do speed work. In speed work I through a dumbbell to long distance and as soon as she catches the dumbbell I show her toy to make her run super fast back at me. It has worked really well. I still work on the separated pieces of the retrieve but the whole chain is getting better and better.

Freya's agility
I have started to teach Freya handling maneuvers. She has been fast learner and she seems have already a quiet good obstacle focus. Sometimes we do have problems if I keep a toy in my hand. Freya has a habit of changing side to my hand that has the toy. We have done some basic training to change to focus to my handling and it starting pay off. Other wise Freya and I have big tool box to handle different course combinations. Although she has only done maximum of 3-4 obstacle training. Usually I train maneuvers with 1-2 jumps.
Freya has also started to do 2on2off on seesaw. This will be her only obstacle that she will have stopping contacts. I have just shaped the position and teach her that to keep the position before I say "come". She has had her good and bad moments. Hardest thing has been when I have gone behind her. Freya wants to face me so had some difficulty make her give up on my face and focus on the position. Now she has started to do the whole seesaw. It has started to be easier to keep focus to the front with secondary reward a little away from the seesaw. It still a long way from ready but we are getting there. 

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