Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jaakko and Tanja our VIPs for last week

We had Jaakkos training last week. Pixie and I had really good time and we found our flow feeling. I had still work with my foot work. Also I had problems of handling tunnels while I walked the course. This came out as a problem of not remembering what's next. So I had a really big thing to improve. Pixie just flied and turned really well.

I also trained with Freya for the first time with Jaakko. She was really good and she did really nice work with some difficult handling like away turn from me. I had some problems with my foot work again. I was little unsure of her work and didn't do my best relaxed handling. It is just hard sometimes to just do as normal when you have a new puppy in your hands. Freya hasn't show super speed. She concentrates really well and wants to do everything right. I that she will pick up some speed as we started work more and more in agility.

In Finland autumn is long on the way and we had few rainy days so we did some living room training and long walk in a forest. Here is our video where Freya does show some of tricks and Pixie works on her working dog trial ob.

Pixie and I went to competition last Saturday. We didn't do any clean runs but I learned a lot. First thing was that I watched people to walk the course and I could see how people looked around after every tunnel. Then I really realized what Jaakko said to me later on that week. People went really clueless after each tunnel if didn't really handle them. I also learned how my kneeling really affects my moving and how my dog works. I have unnecessary "kneeling" to each reverse turn. My thought have been to make Pixie collect more. So unneeded - she could read me better if I just did it and moved. This day learned more how to be on the right place on the right time. This is some thing I really need to work on because I do the unneeded slowing down too naturally. Yet again new habit to brake. Here is our few runs from the weekend:

We went to also do some training on Sunday. Pixie and I worked on our team work and I tried to learn the new things that I needed to improve in my handling. Pixie did also some super running A-frame work. Freya worked on her running contact work. I really hope that she will get as cool running contacts as Lilli ( Jenny Damns dog) has. She has started to get the idea. Some times she just jumps but most of the time she is starting to be super good. I also stared our Project Runway. This a training scheme that I teach her to approach a dog walk always in a straight line even if I send her in a steep angle. Here is a video of our work so far:

Today we went to see Tanja our physiotherapist. Freya is fine now. Her body has over come the problems she has had. YEE!!!!!!!!! Pixie has a hard stomach area again. We need see if it's the grains that I have in our training treats or something else. So trick grain free diet for her and we will see will she goes better. I can't thank enough Tanja. She makes my girls fly without pain. Now sport dog should without some physiotherapy in the training schedule. Especially agility can be really tough on dogs. Take care of partner!!

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