Monday, November 3, 2014

I think I have a little genius :D

Running contact project

I have tough Freya left and right turns on a jump. Tik as cue going right and cap as cue going left. At first I did it around a stick and then round a jumping wing. My plan was to use this also as cue when she need to turn after a contact zone. I used a stick again to help her figure the turn better. This has worked really well so far. I have always done first straight line rc and after that done some turning ones to a toy or to a tunnel. Freya has really good ability think and she changes her behavior really well if don't get reward. Our RC's will need a lot of work but o'boy love to work with them with Freya. She is just super!!!

Pixie and I had a long conversation about running A-frame. She has a habit of missing her A-frame contact in a competition. So I started to do just one at practice and if she missed it she needed go on a brake. This started to really make a change and her drive started to be on right level. I also used a box for a while to get go a little bit lower again. We will see will my work get results. We have two days of competitions in this coming weekend. I can only hope!


Freya had training session where we worked on our laying down. This seems to be the hardest task. She just want to do active stuff. I have had a little problems to make her understand that laying doing is also a very important task. Leaving a toy to wait seems to be the best way to keep her mind in focus. We a long way before she will be ready for trial in this area.

I have started distance control training almost every day to make her body get used all the movement. Freya has improved a lot and all her changes a starting to be ready. Now we just need to work on repetition and of course little by little distance. Freya had a problem of going on side ways while she did the changes of positions. This was solved when I put her on a edge of a carpet. She didn't want to go over the carpet line and this is the way learned to control her side way movement. Freya is just so cool!!!

Clicker training

I had a fun evening few days ago. I took a piece of mouse pad and started to work on paw touch on it. My goal was to get the paw touch to a stimuli control. Paw touch has just a trick I have used to get a focus with my dogs but I want to improve clicker training skills and really make under a cue. I had so much fun to watch how differently my girls learn.

Freya got the idea pretty quickly and stopped paw touching the mouse pad until I said a cue. She only tried few times. She really used her brain to figure out what would bring the  reward. Louise just hit the target with super power and did this in many session before she could wait. After she got the idea of waiting the cue her drive went really high but she could herself from hitting the target. Pixie was the hardest one. After didn't get a click from hitting the target she started to do many trick she new. It really showed that none of them were really under stimulus control and she couldn't just do nothing. I needed to catch even a little moments that she went away from the target so I could give her the cue. It took a long while but she got a hang of it after multiple session. I really recommend this kind task to everyone. It really teaches you so much about your dogs and of course improves your training skills.

That's all for now!! Enjoy your time with your dogs!!


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