Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New toys for Balance training and food testing

New tricks for balance training

I finally got my paw pods and big disc from Fitpaws (order from Rumarakki). I have wanted to get some new toys to make our balance and muscle training more variable. The big disc I have used to do balance tricks but also to relax the back by doing small movements when the dog is lying down on it. I have used this big disc also with a little stool so that the dogs has only front or hind paws on the disc. This way I can concentrate to front or back leg control.

Paw pods was the training tool that I waited the most. I knew paw pods would need at least some training before the dog would understand to have one on each pod. Wrong!! Freya got hang of it in like 3 sec. Her ability to handle each of her legs is just amazing. I guess this ability to feel leg movements has helped me on running contact work. It took Pixie a bit longer to hang of it. After that we tried to some high five tricks and back leg lifts as first tasks on paw pods. I have lots different variation in mind how to use these. I hope make cross leg lift even better with these pods. How cool is to train new tricks and at the same time improve my dogs body control.

Testing with Acana Singles

This time my girls got to try Acana Yorkshire Pork (AYP). This is one the new products in the new Acana series. The idea is to have an animal protein from a single animal which makes it an ideal food sensitive dogs that have allergies. AYP has only pork as the animal protein source. It also grain free which makes even more super kibble. My girls both loved the taste of it and I could use it as training reward even for Freya who can be a little picky what she eats. This could be one the good options to use as daily kibble from Acana.

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