Monday, November 5, 2012

Direction and obedience

Yet again I find myself training more OB than agility. Oh well, both dogs are going to compete on Saturday  Louise in OB4 and Pixie OB3. It's going to very exiting!

Last Saturday I did do some running dogwalk work with Pixie. She has wonderful in blank work. I need start doing it on raised dog walk again. My goal is to have 2on2off and running dog with word discrimination.   We will see in the future how still will end up.

We also did some cik/cap work. I changes cip command to tik. Cip was just too close to our contact work kii. Yet again Pixie got he repeat mode on and really trouble of getting anything right... She just jumped jumped... I did fine solution to use leas for while in the woods, just to get her concentrate. It took just few right and calm repeats and we had nice turning in correct directions. Still we have lot to do, but she has done nice job going round object with directions commands.

On Saturday we also did some work in OB. Pixie did winner class parts. Recall had new troubles. Pixie didn't want come on first call. I had do it again few times to get her going. She also got up on the first round. In the end we got nice recall with stops and extra person standing near the line. Pixie didn't do eikkas... :D

In square Pixie did some early starts, so I had took her back once. But most importantly she came to me! Not to other person standing on the way. Both retrieves where nice. Metal object is still really nasty thing. I have tried to make her more keen to it by giving speed retrieves with only metal object. Hopefully it will pay back some day!!

On Monday Pixie did the whole winner class. She did it pretty well. Yet again we had some problems in staying recall and square. With one correction she did both of them wonderfully. I did reward her on both times on staying in place. My smart little girl starts to be too smart and thinks she knows best.

That's for all for know.... Louise did some training too... I just don't have the energy to write about it.

Marianne, Pixie and Louise

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