Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Agility Season ending

25.11.2012 was our last agility competitions for this year. It went pretty well and got back tough to better runs. Louise was 4th/65. which is pretty good for perro that is only 3 mm from medium class. Pixie did four nice runs, but I did some handling errors. I have some times mix the dogs in handling and it really gets in to trouble. But I'm learning...Louise is very handler focused and Pixie is very obstacle focused. When I realized this difference, it really changed my way of choosing handling maneuvers to each dog. Janita had to tell me it. I had seen the difference in my mind but just couldn't but finger on the real problem. This learning curve is still on going progress.. But here are videos from our last competition for season 2012:

We have lots things to do on agility brake. Need work on faster contacts, handling techniques, my work on course, how to make better handling choices and so on. This is why love this sport. You can't never be ready. Agility is a life long journey of learning and wonderful times!!!

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