Friday, November 2, 2012

Rear crosses

We got homework to work on our rear crosses so went did some work. On Thursday I built really simple training to work on handling from behind. Pixie has tendency to run away from my handling when the distance become too long from me. My goal was to keep the exercise as simple as possible to get lot of rewarding changes. It was really easy training with Pixie. Next time we shall do tighter turns and going round the jumps.

 We also did some cik/cap work from Silvia Trkman ideology. We started with going round a tree and  a light post. I used clikker and Pixie love to run. I have used running aroung trees and light post for obedience training so going round was all ready build in. Now I just had to catch the directions. Pixie got it pretty quickly. Sometimes she got repeat going on we had to take brake to make thinking again. On thrusday I also did some cik/cap work with wings. It went pretty well. Still some work to make directions clear to her.

I so love teach some new tools to agility! I hope to have lots of new stuff when spring comes!

Marianne, Pixie and Louise

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