Friday, November 23, 2012

Obedience training and competition

We have training and training obedience. My is to get OB Champion titles to both dogs. Since the last competition we have working with Pixie with eikka problem (changing handler during OB training). She has done pretty well have some disturbance training. She has done recall from different angels so that there are people between Pixie and I. After few time of training she finally started to come to me. With square recall I ran after recall and that worked like charm to get Pixie come to me.

Louise has been on brake for 6 months in obedience. She hasn't done any retrieving trials even though makes ten point retrieves at practice. So started to train Louise few weeks before the trial. Every time I used someone elses retrieve object. Louise worked really well every time so I decided to enter her trial.

Here is the high light from the ob-trial in 10.11.2012:

Some work to do... But both dogs worked really well! So new trial comming up!! Hopefully we will get nice 1st prize results!!!

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