Monday, August 5, 2013

And then came Aqua the horse

It has been very exciting to get a horse that I can clicker train. Agua is four years old gelding. So his pretty young. I have now made three session with him. Here are things we have done so far:

Lesson 1

  •  we did some click and treat work just to make understand
    • he was really pushy at the start so we had next topic ready
    • you could see his ears go around at the moment he understand the meaning of clicker
Lesson 2

  • First we did some target work with a target stick
    • my goal was to his focus off me and get it to a target
    • this went really well and soon he followed and touch the target very nicely
    • we also did some backing up work with the target stick
Lesson 3

  • first task was just to shape him to keep distance
    • first clicks he got from changing his weight to the back ( idea of backing up)
    • next I wanted him keep his body half meter away from me or more
    • soon after he got the idea we did little bit work with the target
  • other issue was also his treat picking behavior which is way too dangerous to fingers
    • offered him some treats and hold little bit from his halter to make him wait
    • I clicked every time he took the treat nicely 
And my dogs... So much things has happened. Our major work has been now ob. Which both dogs work on OB4. Pixie has been entered to trials to hunt her OB champion title. Pixie has most of problems in sitting. She really get bored when she has stay in one place. So I have started give her food after sitting in place. We have been getting better results. It has really weird to have train stays. My other dogs just have done them. Well I have say, Pixie has learned everything else with little effort.

Louise has been shining so much OB training. She just work so nicely and the attitude is priceless. There is nothing better than dog going wild when you are working. In agility Louise has been competed with Maria as teaching master. They made clear round in their first competition and got third place. What can I say Louise in a one of kind Spanish water dog!!! <3 <3

Pixie has done some jumping technique work to make balance better on jumps and make body work better. She has been doing really nicely. It was surprise to see how much she had trouble at first time on a simple grid. Now she has done variable exercises to improve skills. We have done some serpentine jumping. She has had some unbalanced jumps at the competition so we have been working on with them too.

Quick note of our doings...

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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