Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Training ob and Aqua

We had really nice weekend. Pixie did well in ob trial and we had really nice agility training on sunday. In agility Pixie trained A-frame and dog walk in a course exercise. Louise did some course training and slalom.

In ob I made some attitude training using agility obstacles as reward for Pixie. Louise did some distance control and recall. We got really nice work from both dogs.

Today I trained distance control with Pixie. She has problem going forward when she does down-up-sit. She has too much weight in the front after rising up. I clicker trained her to shift weight on the rear end and I used backside reward to get the magnet even more to behind and off from me. She also did some mark of the controlled retrieve. Pixie wants too much to go and retrieve. I made her turn to me run back after going around the mark. It took few times but she started to do it really nicely.

Louise did some nice retrieves and square. She has done so well. I have been working with her to make work better and make her do some tricks even harder. My perfect perro.

Aqua has learned to give space and back on command. He has also started to learn to come on command and next we will start doing work on getting round work under commands and make him stop and stand in one place. Aqua has really quick learner and has been easy to work with. Horse isn't really that different to train. Clicker training is just fantastic way to open doors between animals and humans.

That's for now

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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