Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seasons last agility competition and heal work seminar with Mia Skogster

Yesterday we had our last agility competition in this year. I competed also with Louise and she two nice clear round. My eight-year-old perro was so on fire! Pixie and I did two DQ and one clear round 2nd place. I have to better get in to rhythm with Pixie. I was way too late way too many times. I need also get in better shape so lots of training for me. Here are our clear rounds from yesterday:

Today we went to heal work seminar of Mia Skogster. She was really enthusiastic and intensive teachers. I really liked her pedant touch to training but I thought her methods were little out date. I know her dogs work like charm and she has got 100/100 from IPO obedience but there is just so many ways to get to a goal. I really didn't like use of luring in the puppy training. She used a lot of luring in the beginning and lots of hand work to make the dog to do heal work right. There wasn't much room for dogs own thinking. Just like little "box" that the dog had work in.

Second thing I didn't like was the use of force. Mia used pull from the leash as a mark of unwanted behavior during healing. Of course force was followed by reward but do you have to use force for corrections?? Can you just stop and reward when the dog does it right? Other thing I didn't agree was that you can't teach motion levels with clicker. Of course you can! You get what you reinforce. I can click my dog to calm down in some situations and have more energy in others. But its a richness to have different kind of trainers then we can really challenge our training methods and how they work. This seminar really gave lots of things to think about.

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