Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ob Tryout at Winner Show in Helsinki

On 14.12.2013 we had a national team tryout in Helsinki. It was our first time at a big ob trial. So lots of people and dogs. We had also second last number so we had to wait for three hour to do our trial. Pixie wasn't that good. She was really slow and didn't do as well as she could but it was a nice experience. We have still lots of work before challenge Finnish OBs best and you can say the worlds best dogs. I think Pixie got some pressure from and from the situation. We need work on our ability work as team in more harder trial scenes. Here are our best part from Helsinki:

Yesterday I really got my best Christmas present. Pixie had her last physiotherapy treatment for this year and she was just perfect!!! I has been almost two years since the dog attack and now she is finally fine. Although Pixie has a permanent damage in her back muscle, she has started to recover from her rest of the body. So long process to get better. All the best to all the owners that are going to through the same. It takes time, set backs, hope and a lot of work. But there's nothing better that having your best friend back to herself! I have thank so much to Leena Piira and Tanja Kotti to helping my diamond <3 <3 <3 <3

Clicker training work

At the moment we have been working on a new trick. This trick was a little challenge from Canis- magazine. In the magazine was an article that trained a trick where dog has back up around an obstacle. We have using a chair as training tool. This trick has been trained only with shaping. At the moment a can make Pixie do half circle around the chair. We a critical point going on. I think she will get the idea after she moves the next step. She can back up around me and between my legs to she know the basic idea. I just have to keep on shaping. Louise has started to do the back up between my legs. On that I have used finger target just to make the dog take to few first steps backing up.

Jihaa!!! I just did some more training and Pixie did the whole circle!!!! I used my divan sofa to block her from just backing up and she got idea going aroung the chair!! Next step is to make it stronger and then start to do it in different environments. So cool!!!

That's for now!! Wonderful Christmas to you all!!!


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