Friday, December 6, 2013

So cool ob training!!!!

Pixie did the best stop ever during recall!!!!!! We have been working make Pixie really push weight to back in the stop in recall. I have been using a reward that is left behind a tree or other object that she runs around. The goal has been to built force to go back to toy and this creates really nice full stop. Today I tried on real competition recall set and it was so COOL!!!! If this work next weeks Saturday in the team tryouts, we might get record score. I'm so happy! Yet again it was just a little thing that made a big difference.

Pixie and Louise also did some contact work. Pixie made super running A-frames without the box and we did some turning training with the box that went also really really well. Louise did also some super dog-walks. Perro has improved a lot back to her perfect 2on2off contacts. I shouldn't have say this out loud but I'm so proud of her.

Training can be so rewarding and I have started learn to keep training session short. I have fallen to make the famous "one more repeat". Maybe I have finally learned to stop after successful repeat. It will still take time to learn to really make every treat count and really plan everything. I know how to do it but my laziness takes sometimes the control. I know I'm weak person in that area but I'm confident that I'm on the right road to change.

Happy Independence Day to Finland!!!! Just a perfect country to live in!!!

Time relax and get ready have fun in a competition tomorrow!!


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