Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What a nice day

I had so cool weekend in Kuopio. Pixie and I train some Ob with Pirjo from dogschool Pondera. Pixie had her good moments. She did nice work with scent discrimination. We have to work little bit with speed. We did heal work with different distractions. First Pirjo called different commands and Pixie did what she was ask for. So we have some work to do in that area. Then came the balls, which was even harder but she started work well after while in both cases.

Today we did some work with running A-frame. Pixie did superb with box and without it. We did little pieces of the course and she worked really well and I remembered to keep my on her. We also did some work with tight turning. Just a perfect little training session.

I also did some distance control with a little plastic stick which I use in front of her back paws. It has given her the idea of keeping the back paws in place. With the same excercise by a malls front door to practice distractions. Pixie did really nice job. She also did some heal work and sit-down-stay from heal work at the mall. Yet again she handled the distractions really well.

Louise started to work on the slalom between the legs and this time doing it backwards. I use finger target to make her to back up and I click every movement that she does backwards roud my right leg. So its just first stage. It will take time to get it all together.

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