Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally we did some clear rounds!!! :D :D

It has been long time since we succeeded in agility. It is still long way until we say that we have become a real team. I have still lots to learn and some times learning just takes time and mistakes. So here are our two wins from yesterday:

The feeling was a real relieve. I have started to think I don't have it in me. Although this was just a one competition it really gave so faith in our work. So has been done inside my head and I have change a lot of my attitude in agility and competition. It has been hard road and still is. Maybe some day....

Louise has been working on her ob trick. She improved a lot during a little brake. So you can say again too much training isn't always the best solution. I have done work with distance control and recall. Distance controls attitude has improve million times. Louise can handle pretty big pressure and still be able to work well. She has had a freezing problem in the competitions.

For Freya I have got a balancing board or actually it a cardboard box. It a same type that Pixie had when she was little. I will just tape a rock on the bottom of it. Then it will perfect for some puppytraining. So much little things to do before she comes. I have planned some visitation places for the first few week to so her around. I can't wait!!!!

That's for now!


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