Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still step away from flow...

We had again really nice competition day on Saturday. I was again little late to get the best of us but the gap between super clear rounds and total catastrophe is getting smaller and smaller. Our learning curve has been really slow but I think we are on the right path. I can only thank Jaakko. I just hope he has still patience to wait us to become a real team. Pixie has been ready for a long time. I'm just really slow learner and I tend to get back to my bad handling ways. I can only say that it will feel like a million dollars when we finally hit the goal. Although we have still long journey to our dream but that's the whole meaning of agility. I see this also as life long learning. I have never been good at any sport but this time I will do everything to make this dream happen. So here's our best run from last weekend:

Louise has begin training for the ob ch title. What can I say she has been superb! I think little brake has done good for her. Now we just need make our bubble better than before. She has had trouble to keep it cool in the competition which has mean that some of the tasks have exploded a little. So our goal is to built more peace to our work and I need concentrate on Louise better to see if she has too much going on and make her calm down if needed.

Freyas waiting is starting to make me crazy. I have so many thoughts about her socialization and training. I have planned to make video blog from her first year. I want to challenge myself to really plan everything and have a documented training. Just to make my training skills better. I can't wait to get a little white canvas that we will start painting. :D :D

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