Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Freya's contact training

Today we had a another training session with running contact. I had goal to make full runs on dog walk and make turning exercise. First we did few straight runs. Freya did pretty well. I saw from the video that I need get her focus more lower. She touches the contact zone pretty well but sometimes she does it too high for my taste. I really would love to have two video-cameras- one on the side and one in the front. I could see better how different touches look like. It really is different what I see from the side and how it looks from the front. I still have problems to see when does more jumping type step. More work for me.

Turning has been easy to work with. I use same cue that I have used when taught her to turn around a jump. I have used long jump pole to make it little bit easy for her and to prevent her coming down too early from the dog walk. I have still to teach her going behind a jump after rc and go forward a long distance. Here is video from today:

Freya is really super to train. Even though she has mild ADHD sometimes, she can concentrate super when we work. We have more to learn in normal living so that she doesn't need to love everybody so passionately. Also she has some issues when it comes to passing unfamiliar dogs. One on one situation still needs some work. I don't like that dog makes any sound when it is passing. Freya is so unsure that she need to bark sometimes. We are getting better and better at it. This is our biggest issue that need to be worked on.

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