Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tricks and ob

Pixie had her ostheopathy treatment on Tuesday so we had to take a little slower the rest of the week. On Thursday we trained some "dog dancing" tricks. Our basic trick has been that Pixie can back up around an object. My goal was now to teach her to do a figure eight backing up around an object and I. I have done this combo before but we work on to make even better and also to make Pixie really understand the change of direction between me and the object. Other version of this trick was to make Pixie back up to an object and then go around it. To this combo I also combined a par where we both back up away from each other. These trick are really fun work on even though I don't have plan ever to take part in dog dancing competition.

Here are few part we have trained separately to reach our goals:
  • backing up
    • first away from me when I'm standing
    • gradually I start to take steps backwards after Pixie starts to back up
    • then we start doing backing up at the same time
  • going around an object
    • this I have done with shaping and I used my divan sofa to make a route that she needed learn to back up
    • next stage was to make this trick work while the object in the middle of the floor in both direction
    • use to same commands to make Pixie go around me
  • 8 figure combo
    • first around an object and stop her between me and the object (this part I had to do a lot with Pixie make her calm down enough listen to my cues)
    • teach to the dog to do the combo in both directions and learn to start this combo from my side or from the side of the object
  • back up away from me and going around an object
    • first a rewarded back up that went near to an object and then I cued Pixie to go around
    • when the ground work is done well this should come together pretty easily
    • start with short backing up and gradually built up the distance that the dog needs to back up to get an object
Here is a video of our work:

Freya and I worked also on our obedience. I have really been very lazy lately. We haven't really done anything new. I have tried to work on our healing to make as good as possible. I have done some distraction work to make Freya work very intensively. She is gettin better and better all the time. I have also done some work with our stop and laying in healing. Going down is starting to be pretty good. Stopping still has bad and good days. I hope to make the stop faster than it is right now. 

Here is video of work in Ob and some tricks:

That's all for now...


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  1. Tuo peruutusnäyttää superhienolta..ja Freyan tokoista muista ettet aina viilaa vaan tee sitä vauhtia jafiilistä ja voimaa